Streamline clinical research and catalyze advanced therapies

Trially is an AI-powered solution that matches eligible patients with clinical trials and customized treatments.

Works with your technologies

Intelligent matching engine for patients, clinical trials, and advanced therapeutics

Trially is a fully AI-enabled solution that makes trial recruitment simple.

Comprehensive understanding of clinical trial eligibility criteria

Algorithms analyze complex trial eligibility criteria in our HIPAA certified data processing pipelines

Direct integration with EHRs, cutting edge parsing, & natural language understanding of patient data

Utilize structured & unstructured data for a more complete view of the patient

Precise matching of populations to trials

Continuously & automatically match patients to trials to augment or eliminate manual screening efforts. We save you time combing charts and reduce errors

Confidence scoring for each match

Scores each match based on accuracy & fit and provides interpretability of matching engine criteria. Stop wasting time calling the wrong candidates and trust that our matches are accurate.

Outgoing matches provided via API or secure file transfer

Utilize your existing CTMS or recruiting platform via our integration, or receive matches via whatever HIPAA-compliant path you prefer

Prioritize underserved populations

Intelligently identify & prioritize diversity. Find candidates who are traditionally left out of the clinical trials process


Our Mission

Patient recruitment is one of the trickiest bottlenecks in the development of new medical treatments. The more swiftly and robustly researchers can run clinical trials, the more treatments developed, diseases cured, and lives saved. We aim to streamline the process of matching unwieldy patient data to clinical trials for sponsors, clinical research organizations, site networks, providers, and hospitals.

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